How to Hire Great Movers: 8 Tips for Hiring Quality Movers

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There is nothing more stressful than the thought of having to move and one of the most challenging parts of the moving process is hiring a quality moving company. It does not matter if you are looking for a place to rent or you are buying your first house, what you need is a trustworthy and dependable mover in your area. But how can you be completely sure that you have found yourself a quality mover company plus how can you set the good movers apart from not so great ones? These are the questions that often come to mind when you search for a moving company. The most important thing is that you need to understand what you should expect from the movers and what you should be able to figure out yourself. For moves within California, it’s a good idea to read this before scheduling your move “Important Information for Persons Moving Household Goods (within California)”.

Check Reviews

Thanks to the review reliant society that we live in, finding reviews on local companies is easier than ever. Make sure to check Yelp, Google Reviews, Angies List, etc. for reviews on your local moving companies. It’s best to avoid hiring a moving company with less than 20 reviews unless you are referred to them by somebody that you trust.

Get Multiple Quotes

Reach out to at least 3 different moving companies and request a quote from each of them. Some movers may charge a deposit to schedule with them, make sure to ask if the deposit is refundable up until a specific date. Usually moving companies charge an hourly rate, but many moving companies will add additional costs to their hourly rate depending on your specific move. Find out in detail what’s included and not included with each quote.

You movers may charge extra for:

  • Fuel
  • Stairs
  • Assembly
  • Extra Long Carry
  • Double Drive Time
  • Blanket Use
  • Tool Use
  • Larger Trucks

Customer Service

Unlike your restaurant visit where you expect good customer service, moving companies are often not known for their customer service. Given that you are entrusting strangers with your most valuable possessions, you should not skimp on customer service simply because of a cheaper rate. You may end up paying for it later. It’s helpful to choose a company that is accessible through multiple communication formats such as email, phone, text, and for in-person consultations. If you feel that a company is inattentive or careless about answering your questions, then they are most likely to behave the same way when handling your personal belongings.

Avoid Paying Large Deposits

Reputable and credible movers will not ask you to pay large cash deposits before moving. You should only have to pay upon the delivery. If you paid in advance you won’t have any control over the delivery of your belongings. Try to pay with your credit card so you can save yourself from any fraudulent activity. Find out if the deposit is refundable until a specific date prior to your move.

Understand your rights

Most moving companies will give you a quote and schedule your move verbally. This is a non-binding agreement and you may cancel your move at any time prior to your move. The movers however can also cancel your move for any reason or change the rates upon arrival at your home. If the moving company that you hired has good reviews, then it is highly unlikely that they will cancel or change the rates on you. However, if you would like to avoid this possible headache, you can request a written contract. The contract of the moving company and all the extra fees should be mentioned as part of the contract as well as that it should also have your pick-up and delivery dates. Just keep in mind, even with a written contract, your moving company can legally cancel your move for any business related reason as long as they notify you at least 24 hours AFTER your scheduled move date and time (2).

If you do request a contract, be sure to read the contract carefully to make sure that all of your belongings are in listed. You cannot file a claim for an item not listed on the inventory list. It’s also a good idea to ask how your moving company handles disputes and claims. That you know what to expect if an item is broken or damaged during your move.

Get The Correct Size Truck

Truck size can vary from company to company; therefore, it is important to choose the truck that is suitable to fit all of the belongings in your home. Most moving companies have several size options to choose from. You can ask your scheduler for the size truck that they would recommend. You can also ask what happens if not all of the items fit in the truck on one trip.

Hire a Legitimate Moving Company

Many moving companies are actually not licensed to move your home. Hiring a licensed mover will protect both you and the mover in case of any issues or discrepancies. A quality moving company should possess an active status when it comes to their licensing and insurance. You can request the license number as well as a copy of the moving company’s certificate of insurance (3).

Be Present for the entire moving process

Sometimes even after finding a reputable moving company, issues do come up during a move. Unfortunately, items may be broken or damaged no matter how good your movers are. To ensure that you have the best possible move, it’s a good idea to be present during the entirety of your move. This way you can guide your movers as to how you would like certain items packed. Make sure to point out your most expensive or valuable items so that your movers can pay extra attention to those items. Once your move is completed, make sure to check your inventory list to make sure all of the items arrived and were placed where you wanted them.


Hiring a moving company is not a small feat and requires proper research. If you are looking for a reliable, high-quality and affordable moving company in your area, ensure that customer service is the top priority of the staff. You can be sure that when customer service is your moving company’s top priority then you and your items will be well taken care of during your move.


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